In the third quarter of this year, Vici reported $751.5 million in revenue – double that from last corresponding period!


Vici Properties has reported an impressive 100% increase in third quarter revenue, primarily related to acquisitions involving MGM Growth Properties and Venetian Resort.

The real estate investment trust (REIT) has been doing very well in recent times, generating more than double the revenue it did last year.

The company’s net income more than doubled, reaching $336.9 million from 164%. Additionally, the profitability of each share increased by nearly 50% to 34 cents per share – or 0%.

The company’s revenue for the past quarter was up 104% from last year’s figure of $161.9 million to a whopping $318.8m in just three months! The top line grew even more impressively, thanks largely due an acquisition that happened after integration completed with their new properties acquired through buying MGM Growth Properties LLC and Venetian Resort Las Vegas land/real estate assets.”

“We are very pleased with the success we’ve had in fiscal 2017 so far, and it is a direct result of our extensive acquisition and financing activity over these last two years,” said Edward Pitoniak. He went on to say how much more revenue they’re generating than before because of all this new business coming onboard!

The increase in losses was primarily due to a change in allowance for credit, which went up $232.8 million from 9 dollars and 03 cents per share last year!

The company’s transaction and acquisition expenses have increased dramatically. From $177,000 to 1.9 million in just one year!

Vici Gaming has been able to take advantage of its strong partnerships and amplify growth through two recent deals. First, they announced a acquisition with Rocky Gap Casino that will see them become the largest gaming operation in Virginia for those whoibaevilleonline. Second; after entering into an agreement involving Great Wolf Resorts – one deal was made public while another remains secret until it’s revealed later this year.

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