BGaming and Stake have teamed up to create a new game that will be driven by data from player preferences.


BGaming and have partnered to create a new game based on player analytics data, which will be available for all gamers worldwide!

With its “personalised” experience, Wild West Bonanza promises to be an exciting game for all different types of players.

The latest slot machine from Disney has arrived and it’s a big hit with casino players. This game is based on data collected by your preference, so you can play like an expert or newbie!

The retail industry is one of the first to take advantage when it comes capitalizing on big data and personalisation. With high traffic rates, customers can be tracked down quickly using their mobile device’s GPS location services which then results in more targeted advertising for them as well!

The future of online gambling is personalisation. BGaming’s Alexander Shavel goes so far as to say that it will be the key driver for growth in his company’s industry, and other brands seem eager not only invest money into developing more personalized services but also offer them at lower costs than before because they know customers are looking specifically where their bets can have an impact on real-life outcomes instead just numbers alone (which could always change).

Personalisation is becoming the driving force behind future growth in iGaming. “In a saturated, highly competitive market like ours where players are all too willing to adopt new technologies and platforms,” said Shavel.

The success of the previous collaborative projects has led to an exclusive experience for registered players and streamers’ community with personalisation taken up a notch!

The game is built on BGaming’s refilling reels mechanic, and as Shavel touched upon it has been designed specifically for slot streamers. The popularity of these players continues to rise with platforms like Twitch becoming popular among them – so much so that they have become one-third the size of total online gambling market!

The Wild West is a place of limitless opportunities for those who are willing to take them. This custom title from BGaming marks yet another chapter in their story, created exclusively with Stake and available only on this platform!

The recent collaboration with BGaming was a blast! I loved working on this game and can’t wait for people to play it.

The team is elated to share their creative input with game providers in order for them create new and exciting games.

“We are excited to see how well the game performs on Stake, as it has exceeded our expectations so far. We think that there’s a good chance of strong performance for this one!“

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