Betsafe Casino Review

Betsafe is one of the most established casinos in Scandinavia, having started operations back 2006. The company's parent Betsson Group also owns betting exchange site Lyxor as well as brick-and morter bookmaking giants!
This Betsafe review will show you why this casino is a must-have for any player. With 100+ countries represented among its 450K customers, it's clear that the site has been around long enough and operated by industry professionals who know what they're doing! You'll learn about all their features in detail so check them out now before your next big bet - risk free with no strings attached.
Betsafe is one of the best online casinos to play at. With thousands and hundreds if not thousandsof different games, you'll never run out options! You can choose from video slots like nobody else does - or try your luck playing poker with other players around this classy live casino where people enjoy watching their favorite sportovies while they bet on what's happening inside them (or outside). And don't forget about our wide selection for sportsbooks: we have everything here including award winning solutions that will keep all soccer fans happy even when things don’t go according plan during game time.
Alongside the vast array of games and products, this online casino has a great user interface. We found it very easy to deposit or withdraw money from our bank account with no issues at all - even if we were doing transactions during their promotions! The customer service was also top notch; they're licensed by some authorities who do care about security here so you know that everything will be safe throughout your experience as well..
Betsafe Casino is a trusted brand owned by the Betsson Group, which has established itself as one of Europe’s largest gaming companies. This means that you can play at Betsafe without worrying about being scammed because it holds licenses from many authorities throughout Europe including Malta Gaming Authority and British Gambling Commission along with other certifications proving how safe this online casino truly are!
Alongside all of this, it's also a verified Betsafe Casino and can therefore be trusted. In fact the only thing linking them to scam sites are their regulations- which is why you'll find NetEnt games here alongside award winning provider Evolution Gaming!
This means that not only do we offer top notch service but protection too - because who else would PayPal put its seal on?

Bonuses and Promotions

The Betsafe Casino bonus is not the best in this industry, but it's still good enough to get you started. The 100% deposit match up until £150 will help make your first few bets on their site more worthwhile than most other sites offer as well! Plus there are three different bonuses available when signing-up - so sign right now and claim them all at once with no strings attached (other than doing nothing else).
You're in luck! Betsafe has three welcome bonuses for you to get started. The first one is 25 free spins after your initial deposit of £25 or more, which are matched with an additional 100 extra spin on top when played through without betting any money back at all (this does not apply if somebody else plays them). Even better than that? Wagering restrictions aren't applicable here--you can use these wildcard-bluerated games however freely because they come straight from the mouth itself: Betsson Casino Online Ltd.. What do we call ourselves - intuition.

Games and Software at Betsafe Casino

Betsafe offers a wide range of games, including some that are new and innovative. Their selection is impressive for both classic favorites as well as current tech-savvy offerings like slots or table hockey! If you want an amazing experience on your next wager then Betsafe will not disappoint - it has something to offer everyone no matter what type of bettor they are.
The selection of games at Betsafe is second to none. You'll be able select from over 54 different gaming providers, including some high-quality names like NetEnt and Microgaming as well those smaller but no less exciting brands such Thunderkick or Evolution Gaming live dealer service available on certain types.
I am sure that with this information about the casinos we can give people more choices when deciding where they want their money spent!!!
The site features some of the most popular and award-winning games around, such as Gonzo’s Quest or Fruit Spin alongside 32 classic slots including Jackpot Jester 5000 & Joker 1000. For those who want to be awarded with a top jackpot each time they play; there are 115 total opportunities available – amongst them Mega Moolah (with its record breaking prize), Fortune Dreams & more!
Then there's the abundance of table games on offer. You can choose from 53 in total, including 12 roulette tables and 18 blackjack game alike! Plus poker -- Casino Hold'em Baccarat Texas Hold 'Em Red Dog…It doesn't stop at video poker either; live casino has even more options for those who love a real-deal atmosphere with113 different varieties too enjoy such as 35 Live Roulette Games 41 Black Jacks 4 Poker Options 8 Baecharacts 23 Special VIP Tables And The Impressive Wheel Of Fortune Game Dream Catcher.
Sportsbook at Betsafe is a haven for all your sports betting needs. Offerings include the most popular games in society, such as football and horse racing to less appreciated but no less deserve disciplines like Gaelic Football or Bandy?
In addition they have an extensive list of markets with something sure fit any fancy! Whether its American formatted baseball betting odds you're looking forward too; common English soccer stats WIth penalty shootouts included ;or even bandwag goning across Europe - there'll always be some in Betsafe Casino!
The number-one reason to bet with this bookmaker is that they offer the best odds. You can find out what your chances are of winning a given game before you place any bets, and if those don't look good enough then just go ahead an take their money! It also provides access not only different leagues but lesser known events like transfers which makes it more exciting than other sites.

Payment Options, Withdrawals and Support

There are many ways to deposit money into your account, but if you want the fastest and most secure method then Betsafe's got just what you need. You can use Visa Electron, Neteller or Skrill as well- all of which have an instant approval process with no waiting period whatsoever! The minimum deposit for these options varies depending on who offers it - £20 through bank transfer alone will get approve in less than five minutes while PayPal requires a larger amount at least 15 pounds more before releasing funds from their site onto yours. With a maximum deposit of £10,000 available to new players with Neteller and Skrill it’s not too hard for most people. However if you want more room in your account then choose PayPal as the payment option - they offer up increments as high at 45 thousand pounds!
Withdrawals can be done in many different ways, but the most popular ones are Paysafecard or bank card. If you want faster funds then it's best that withdraw with an e-wallet like PayPal; these usually give results within 24 hours! However if your transfer needs more than 1 day for processing (it happens sometimes), just know there might delays occasionally because of this reason: we're all human hereafter…
For safety reasons I wouldn't recommend using unknown websites offering money withdrawing services – always check who is responsible.
Betsafe offers round-theclock customer service, so no matter what time of day or year it is you can contact an agent. The company has a chat option on their website with live help being offered 24/7 and via email as well for those who need more flexibility in terms of when they receive responses to messages from
It has been found that when testing the live chat and telephone option, we were typically answered within 60 seconds. Even better than this though is when emailing them for a response-they often get back to us in 1 hour! The only thing holding people off from using these services might be their lack of availability through free phone lines or cells; however those with smart phones can easily solve any problems by using Skype instead which gives you crystal clear sound so no more missed conversations due poor connections.
The FAQ site is a great place to start if you're new and have questions about how things work. It's also got answers for most general inquiry, like what kind of Wagering requirements are there? Or why can't I sign up with my phone number! The staff here will help get everything set-up so that all your bets come through just right - even though they might not always know exactly which button does what (but hey -- that doesn’t hurt!).

Summary and Conclusion

The biggest and best casino around? You betcha! Betsafe has earned its reputation as a premier gambling destination with incredible products, top-of -the line games from all your favorite providers (and some you've never heard of), plus an unbeatable sportsbook/poker room selection.
Betsafe is a licensed and regulated online casino that has managed to impress even the most demanding of gamblers. The site features an extensive list of banking options, customer support for all major credit cards as well mobile compatibility making it convenient no matter what device you're using! And with their innovative tricks like "free spins" coupons or cash back promotions on select deposits; there's always something new happening at Betsafe Casino gameplay never gets old thanks in large part due this fact- they offer everything one needs from scratch drives right down into detail without any hidden costs involved so players can enjoy themselves worry free knowing every penny spent will be returned.

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